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j-Animation (BETA)

This component can animate elements with .animation class.


  • style {Number} style of animation:
    • 1 opacity
    • 2 scale from big to normal (default)
    • 3 scale from small to normal
    • 4 rotation Z
    • 5 changing of X position
    • 6 changing of Y position
  • delay {Number} delay between animation (default: 200)
  • init {Number} initialization delay (default: 1000)
  • cleaner {Number} delay for cleaner of animation classes (default: 1000 is multipled by count of elements)
  • together {Boolean} all elements will be animated together (default: false)
  • visible {Boolean} performs animation when the element with animation is visible (default: false)
  • offset {Number} offset (threshold) for visibility (default: 50)
  • exec {String} a link to method which will be executed after animation
  • datasource {String} a link to data-source (if the data-source will be modified then the animation will be performed again)
  • if {String} a condition for path (same feature like j-Part), if the value will be same as if value then the animation will be executed (otherwise will all elements restored for previous state)

Element configuration

Element configuration can be defined in data-animation="delay:100;order:3" attribute and it's optional:

  • noanimation {Boolean} disables animation for this element (only removes .animation class)
  • delay {Number} animation delay (default: config.delay)
  • order {Number} animation order index, must start with 1 ... (elements with same order will be displayed together)
  • style {Number} a custom style for the element