Web Component: j-Avatar

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  • easy usage
  • supports themes
  • it's singleton
  • inspiration from react-user-avatar


Avatar component needs to register your own theme. It contains default theme.

SETTER(true, 'avatar', 'register', 'THEME_NAME', 'options')

Options can contain:

  • size {Number} Optional, a size in pixels (default: 100)
  • lighten {Number} Optional, the font color will be lightened by lighten factor of background color (default: 80 | from -255 to 255)
  • radius {Number} Optional, how rounded border corners will be (default: 50)
  • background {Hex} Optional, set background color (default: selected from colors Array)
  • color {Hex} Optional, set font color (default: generated from background color by lighten)
  • font {String} Optional, set font family (default: Arial)
  • weight {String} Optional, font-weight (default: bold)
  • class {String} Optional, this property perfoms toggleClass for this class


Each element of avatar needs to contain avatar class like this: <div class="avatar">. Here are custom attributes:

  • data-a="THEME_NAME" Optional, can contain a theme name (default: default)
  • data-a-url="URL_TO_PICTURE" Optional, can contain a URL for user photo
  • data-a-class="class_for_toggle_effect" Optional, can contain a class for toggleClass effect

Element needs to contain a user name, for example:

  • <div class="avatar">Peter Širka</div> or
  • <a href="#" class="avatar">Peter Širka</a>

Good to know:

  • avatar component binds all new avatars in all new components automatically
  • SETTER('avatar', 'refresh') performs refreshing