Web UI component: j-Box

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  • title {String} form title
  • if {String} condition for showing of the form, it's compared with the value within of path
  • icon {String} Font-Awesome icon without fa- or new: far fa-home
  • reload {String} link to a global function(fullform_component) and it's executed if the form is displaying
  • submit {String} link to a global function(hide) and it's executed if the submit button is pressed
  • cancel {String} link to a global function(hide) and it's executed if the cancel button is pressed
  • enter {Boolean} captures enter key automatically and performs submit (default: false)
  • center {Boolean} centers the form to middle of screen
  • autofocus {Boolean/String} can focus an input. String === jQuery selector for the input
  • default {String} a short alias for DEFAULT(default, true)
  • closebutton {Boolean} can hide x button (default: false)
  • zindex {Number} can affect z-index (default: 12)
  • scrollbar {Boolean} enables custom scrollbar (default: true)
  • scrolltop {Boolean} enables scrolling to top after form is displayed (default: true)
  • scrollbarshadow {Boolean} optional, enables a shadow in scrollbar (default: false)
  • style {Number} supports two styles (1: classic (default), 2: box bottom without padding, 3: box top without padding)
  • closeoutside {Boolean} closes the form when the user clicks outside of the form (default: false)
  • closeesc {Boolean} closes the form when the user presses ESC key
  • independent {Boolean} closing doesn't depent on the condition according to the path
  • padding {Number} padding for the box (default: 30)
  • width {Number} optional, a maximal width (default: 0 - full width)
  • background {Boolean} optional, enables/disables background (default: true)
  • transparent {Boolean} optional, all elements on the background of the box will be clickable (default: false)
  • align {String} optional, center (default), left, right

The component supports dynamic evaluation of the content of <script type="text/html">. The example below contains a script with HTML and the component evaluates the content if the j-Form will be displayed (only once).

<div data---="box__path__config">
    <script type="text/html">
        A CONTENT