Web Component: j-Breadcrumb

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  • Supports Dark theme
  • Only SPA


  • icon {String} home icon (default: ti ti-home)
  • exec {String} path to the method function(url, el) for manual processing of links
  • historyapi {Boolean} enables redirecting via REDIRECT() (default true)
  • style {Number} supports two styles 1 classic (default), 2 with bigger padding and only with bottom border
  • root {String} a label for root item (default: Root)
  • NEW: rooturl {String} a relative URL address for root item (default: /)
  • NEW: title {String} enables generating document.title from the last item of the breadcrumb (default: null)

Data-source example

        name: 'Home',                // A link label
        url: '/'                     // URL address
        callback: Function(el, e)    // Optional, a callback for the click event
        name: 'Products',            // A link label
        url: '/'                     // URL address


  • component.add(name1, url1, [callback])(name2, url2)(name3, url3)...