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j-CloudEditorSimple (BETA)

It's a simple alternative to j-CloudEditor. You can specify the main configuration in the config, and the value is {String} (in j-CloudEditor is configuration part of value).

  • it works in the iframe
  • supports multiple cursors (shift + cmd + arrow-down/up)
  • supports finding selected text (cmd + d)
  • supports custom scrollbars
  • supports diff tracker
  • supports a simple emmet plugin
  • supports real-time collaboration
  • source-code: https://github.com/totaljs/editor
  • it uses editor: CodeMirror
  • very small code


  • parent {String} a selector for the main container (default: auto)
  • autosave {Number} auto rebinds value from the editor to the component's path (in milliseconds, default: 500)
  • event {String} a path to the function(name, value)
    • click
    • errors
    • shortcut
    • cursor contains cursor position
    • change contains partial changes for real-time collaboration (config.realtime must be true)
  • contextmenu {String} a path to the function(opt)
  • realtime {Boolean} enables realtime sending changes to the event method (event name is change), default: true
  • keywords {String} custom keywords in the form e.g. ID,PATH
  • minheight {Number} optional, a minimal height (default: 0)
  • margin {Number} optional, a vertical margin (default: 0)
  • linenumbers {Boolean} optional, enables line numbers (default: true)
  • type {String} optional, content-type (default: clientside)


  • component.insert('some text')
  • component.replace('text', 'newvalue')
  • component.search('text', callback(output))
  • component.select(from, [to])
  • component.goto(pos)
  • component.focus()
  • component.save(callback(value))
  • component.marker(name, [from], [to], [color]) adds + modifies (with from) and removes (without from argument) marker
  • component.change(changes) for the real-time collaboration (changes can be generated in the config.event function)
  • component.clear() clears all changes
  • component.replaceselections(selections)
  • component.replaceselection(selection)
  • component.replacerange(value, from, [to])
  • component.command(cmd) executes codemirror.execCommand() method
  • component.exec(a, [b], [c]) executes document.execCommand(a, b, c) method


from, to, pos arguments must be in the form: { line: Number, ch: Number }.