Web Component: j-DataSource

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The component loads data from the external source via AJAX() method and it binds the value according to the config.path.

  • jComponent v19|v20


  • path {String} required a path where the value will be set
  • url {String} optional, a URL address for obtaining data
  • delay {Number} optional, a delay (in milliseconds) for obtaining data (defaul: 0)

Good to know:

  • config.path = '#codelist' sets a value in code lists DEF.cl.codelist
  • config.path = '%codelist' sets a value in as temporary
  • config.path = '?.path sets a value according to the plugin path
  • config.path = 'absolute.path sets a value according to the path

Can I use dynamic URL address?

Yes, you can use <ui-component name="datasource" path="..." for dynamic obtaining of data.

<ui-component name="datasource" path="?.urlcities" config="path:#cities"></ui-component>

How can I modify data before binding?

<ui-component name="datasource" config="url:https://www.yourdomain.com/api/countries/;path:#countries">
    <script type="text/plain">
        var output = [];
        for (var item of value)
            output.push({ id: item.Id, name: item.Name });
        return output;