Web Component: j-DataTable

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BETA: This component is targeted for SPA and server-side listing.

  • please try to understand the functionality
  • supports pagination
  • needed bootstrap grid system
  • supports sorting
  • supports vertical/horizontal scrolling
  • responsive
  • supports dark mode

Data-source needs to contain:

    cols: [{ name: 'id', ... }], // optional, can be defined inline in HTML
    items: [{ name: 'Row 1' }, { name: 'Row 2' }, ...] // items
    page: 1,    // current pages
    pages: 30,  // count of pages
    limit: 5,   // items limit per page
    count: 150  // count of items in DB


  • pluralizepages {String} pluralization for pages (optional, default: # pages,# page,# pages,# pages)
  • pluralizeitems {String} pluralization for items (optional, default: # items,# item,# items,# items)
  • height {Number/String} height of grid, supported values: auto (default), NEW fluid, parent or NUMBER as height or selector for jQuery.closest()
  • NEW minheight {Number} minimal height of grid, works with fluid and auto height (default: 300)
  • NEW parent {String} selector for auto height option (default: window)
  • margin {Number} a top margin for height (optional, default: 0)
  • click {String} a link to function(row, grid, row_el), it's executed if the user clicks on a row
  • highlight {Boolean} each selected row (after click) will be highlighted (default: false)
  • unhighlight {Boolean} enables undo highlighting of selected row (default: true)
  • checked {String} path to a variable or path to function(rows, grid) is executed if the user selected/checked some rows
  • autoselect {Boolean} enables auto-select of first row in grid, it performs EXEC(config.click), default: false
  • exec {String} a link to function(type, page, sort) for server-side operations only (it disables client-side sorting & filtering), supported types: refresh or page
  • changed {String} path to a variable or path to function(rows, grid) is executed if the user changed some rows
  • dblclick {String} a link to function(row, grid, row_el) method, it's executed if the user double-clicks on a row
  • noborder {Boolean} can disable a border around the grid (default: false)
  • colwidth {Number} a default width for columns (default: 150)
  • editable {String} a link to function(opt) when the user performs editing
  • contextmenu {String} a link to function(e, grid) when the user raises context menu

Column properties:

  • name {String} a name of field in the row object
  • text {String} a column label, text with .fa fa-home will render FontAwesome icon
  • width {Number} a column width (optional, default config.colwidth)
  • align {String} can be center or right (optional, default: left)
  • template {String} can be a Tangular template and the model is the entire object of row
  • sort {Boolean} enables sorting (optional, default: false)
  • format {String/Number} can be used for date and numbers (count of decimals) field (optional), e.g. dd.MM.yyyy
  • currency {String} a currency formatter, just add a currency
  • class {String} optional, a custom column class name
  • empty {String/Boolean} optional, can rewrite empty value with the value defined in empty field (true value uses --- as a default value)
  • type {String} optional, can contain a data-type (boolean, date or number) for the field
  • editable {Boolean} enables editing


  • component.redrawrow(row_object/index) redraws row or NEW: replaces+redraws row_object with a new new_object_row
  • component.clear() clears all changes
  • component.select(row) selects row must be the same object as in data-source
  • component.rebind(columnsdeclaration) the method rebinds the schema
  • NEW: component.reload() executes config.exec with the current filter and sorting
  • NEW: component.empty() empties all rows

Good to know:

  • SET('link.to.data', data, 'noscroll') --> noscroll type disables reseting of scrolling

How to extend a class of row?

  • look to the {{ if active line, it extends a class of row by adding dg-active-class if the active will be valid
    '{{ if active }} dg-active-class{{ fi }}',
    { name: 'name', text: 'Name', width: 200 },
    // other columns ...