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This component can render values from model. Supports inline mapping - look into the source-code of the example.


  • dateformat {String} a date format (default: yyyy-MM-dd)
  • timeformat {String} a time format (default: HH:mm)
  • datetimeformat {String} a date/time format (default: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm)
  • numberformat {Number} a default number format (default: empty)
  • small {Boolean} enables smaller design (default: false)
  • style {Number} component style (default: 1), supports style 2, 3 (minimal) and 4 (modern)
  • defaultgroup {String} a default group name (default: Default)
  • notnull {Boolean} skips nullable values (default: false)
  • track {String} can contain paths divided by comma, this property will watch only changes in trakced keys

Data declaration:

var model = { firstname: 'Peter', lastname: 'Širka', age: 33 };
var items = [{ id: 2, name: 'Banská Bystrica' }, { id: 3, name: 'Bratislava' }];
var form = [];

// The below values will be binded automatically from the "model" (according to the "path" field) because they contain "path" field
form.push({ group: 'Personal', label: 'First name', path: 'firstname', type: 'string', value: model, note: 'This is first name' });
form.push({ group: 'Personal', label: 'Last name', path: 'lastname', type: 'string', value: model, placeholder: 'String' });
form.push({ group: 'Personal', label: 'Age', path: 'age', type: 'number', value: model });

// The below values will be binded from "value" key
form.push({ group: 'Personal', label: 'Birth date', type: 'date', value: NOW });
form.push({ group: 'Additional', label: 'Newsletter', type: 'bool', value: true });
form.push({ group: 'Additional', label: 'City', type: 'list', value: 2, items: 'items' });
form.push({ group: 'Additional', label: 'Color', type: 'color', value: '#e73323' });
form.push({ group: 'Additional', label: 'Icon', type: 'fontawesome', value: 'fas fa-home' });

Data properties in data declaration:

  • group {String} a group name (required)
  • label {String} a label (required)
  • type {String} a type (required)
  • note {String} a small note under value
  • format {String} number e.g. 2 or date format dd.MM.yyyy
  • detail {String} URL address for obtaining of data for list type, example: /users/{0}/ and {0} will be replaced with the value from list
  • items {Object Array/String} items for list type only, string can contain a path to Array or URL address to search
  • value {Object} a value or model with values (then path is required)
  • path {String} a path to value in model (value must contain a model)
  • template {String} A Tangular template (works only with type:'template' and {{ value }} contains a raw value, and {{ item }} contains the entire item)
  • empty {String} An empty value when the value is nullable (default: ---)
  • show {String} Arrow function condition (must return boolean) and it works only with defined path
  • NEW autoformat {Boolean} enables auto-format for email, or phones, and only for string type (default: false)
  • NEW colorize {Boolean} colorizes the value with except list, color and icon type
  • NEW plus {String} adds a value to end of rendered value for number and string types

Allowed types in data:

  • string
  • bool
  • number
  • date
  • list
  • color
  • emoji
  • fontawesome
  • password
  • template

Good to know:

  • if group contains only the one char then the name of group is not rendered