Web Component: j-Dockable

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j-Dockable (BETA)

  • Works only with +v18
  • Supports touches
  • Movable
  • Resizable


  • style {Number} 1 bottom panel will be fullwidth, 2 bottom panel will be between the left and right panel
  • parent {String} jquery selector due to container height (default: window)
  • margin {Number} a bottom margin (default: 0)
  • NEW reoffsetresize {Boolean} all floated panels will be re-offset according to main window dimension (default: false)

The dockable component expects Array of objects.

// Component declaration
var panel = {

    // Component ID
    id: 'PANEL_ID',

    // Positioning
    // You can define specific display size and if the display size is not specified then the window tries to find a size for larger display
    html: 'THE CONTENT OF PANEL', // or can be raw HTMLElement

    offset: { x: 200, y: 100, width: 600, height: 400, minwidth: 200, minheight: 200, maxwidth: 1000, maxheight: 1000, dockminwidth: 200, dockminheight: 200, dockmaxwidth: 400, dockmaxheight: 400 }, // minwidth, maxwidth, maxheight, minheight, dockminheight, dockminwidth, dockmaxheight, dockmaxwidth are optional

    // Default settings
    actions: { move: true, close: true, hide: true, resize: true, autosave: false, resizeX: true, resizeY: true },
    // GOOD TO KNOW:
    // "undefined" close or "close:false" and "hide:true" doesn't destroy the instance of panel (it will be hidden only)

    // A window title
    title: 'Title for the panel',

    // Handlers (optional):
    destroy: function() {
        // @el {jQuery} a content of the window
        // @this {Instance}

        // is executed when the window is destroyed

    make: function(el) {

        // @el {jQuery} a content of the window
        // @this {Instance}

        // this.meta {Object} a reference to window object
        // this.element {jQuery} a content element of the window
        // this.container {jQuery} a main content element of the window
        // this.main {Object} a reference to "Windows" component
        // this.width {Number} a width of window
        // this.height {Number} a height of the content of the window
        // this.x {Number} offset X
        // this.y {Number} offset Y

        // Methods:
        // this.setsize(width, height);
        // this.setcommand(cmd); Allowed commands: "close", "maximize", "resetmaximize", "togglemaximize", "minimize", "resetminimize", "toggleminimize", "resize", "move", "focus"
        // this.setoffset(x, y);

        // is executed when the window is making

    data: function(type, data, el) {

        // @type {String}
        // @data {Object}
        // @el {jQuery} a content element of the window
        // @this {Instance}

        // is executed when data are sent via SETTER('windows', 'send', 'TYPE', 'DATA')

    resize: function(width, height, el, x, y) {

        // @width {Number}
        // @height {Number}
        // @el {jQuery} a content of the window
        // @this {Instance}

        // is executed when the window is resized

    move: function(x, y, el) {

        // @x {Number}
        // @y {Number}
        // @el {jQuery} a content of the window
        // @this {Instance}

        // is executed when the window is moved

    service: function(counter, el) {

        // @counter {Number} count of calls
        // @el {jQuery} a content of the window
        // @this {Instance}

        // the component will execute this handler each 5 seconds

PUSH('panels', panel);


  • component.finditem(panel_id) finds the specific panel according to ID
  • NEW component.show(panel_id) shows a panel
  • NEW component.hide(panel_id) hides a panel
  • NEW component.toggle(panel_id) toggles a panel