Web UI component: j-DynamicValue

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This component is very special component. It can keep a value for example Number and at the same it can render another readable text. This component is optimized for dynamic usage, so it needs to be linked with another component or part.

  • icon {String} (optional) icon for label e.g. home, cog, etc.
  • label {String} (optional) label (default is HTML content)
  • icon2 {String} (optional) icon in the right box e.g. home, cog, etc. (default: search)
  • placeholder {String} (optional) adds a placeholder text
  • disabled {Boolean} (optional) disables this component
  • click {String} important link to function(value, next(new_value)) for binding a new value
  • exec {String} (optional) a link to function(element, next(value), current_value) for binding a readable text
  • url {String} (optional) tries to bind a value via AJAX(), argument {value} in URL is replaced by the value
  • html {String} Tangular template for rendering a value (default: {{ name }})
  • remap String} (optional) a remap function (default: null), example: value.length ? value[0] : null
  • required {Boolean} (optional) enables "required" (default: false)

AJAX usage

If the value will be changed then the component performs AJAX call automatically.

<div data-jc="dynamicvalue__path.to.property__url:/users/{value}/"></div>

Inline usage

If the value will be changed then the component performs config.exec for obtaining a readable text of a value.

<div data-jc="dynamicvalue__path.to.property__exec:my_function"></div>

    function my_function(value, next) {
        next({ name: 'This text will be displayed as a value '});