Web UI component: j-DynamicValueList

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This component is j-DynamicValue but for Array.

  • icon {String} icon for label e.g. home, cog, etc.
  • label {String} label (default is HTML content)
  • placeholder {String} adds a placeholder text
  • disabled {Boolean} disables this component
  • click {String} important link to function(value, next(new_value)) for binding a new value
  • exec {String} a link to function(value, next(value)) for binding a readable text (important value is Array)
  • remap String} a remap function (default: null), example: value.length ? value[0] : null
  • required {Boolean} enables "required" (default: false)
  • bind {String} a path to method or variable where will be binded loaded value (optional)
  • after {String} optional, it means a char after label (default: :)
  • value {String} optional, a key name for reading of text in object (default: name)
  • dirsource {String} a link to method function(search, next(items_arr))
  • dircustom {String/Boolean} can contain a path to function(val, next(new_val)) or can be Boolean. This option can enable adding a custom value (value not defined in data-source)
  • dirrender {String} a path to function(item, text) (must return HTML for j-Directory), this function can affect list of items in j-Directory
  • dirminwidth {Number} a minimum width for j-Directory, (default: 200)
  • dirmaxwidth {Number} a maximum width for j-Directory
  • dirplaceholder {String} a placeholder for j-Directory
  • dirempty {String} adds an empty field for j-Directory
  • dirkey {String} a key name for reading of text in dirsource (default: name)
  • dirvalue {String} a key name for reading of value in dirsource (default: id)