Web UI component: j-Edit

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This component can edit elements with edit class, in other words: the component executes only the method which can execute e.g. FloatingInput, ColorPicker, etc..


  • type {String} event type click or dblclick (default)
  • id {String} attribute for obtaining of identifier, components browses all parent elements (default: data-id)
  • exec {String} a link to function(meta, e) which is executed if the user tries to edit element
    • meta contains all custom values from defines in data-edit attribute
    • meta.element element which has edit class
    • meta.path contains a path defined in j-Edit component
    • meta.component contains an instance of j-Edit component
    • meta.model contains a value/object according to the component.path
    • meta.event contains click event object
    • meta.id contains an identifier according to the config.id
    • meta.parent contains an element which contained config.id

data-edit attribute can contains

  • exec {String} a link to function(meta, e)
  • or your custom values key:value in the form of jComponent configuration structure