Web Component: j-Empty

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  • path must contain a data-source which will be watched


  • icon {String} a default icon (default: ti ti-database)
  • parent {String} a parent container which sets a minimal height (default: parent)
  • height {Number} height size (if you don't want to use parent, default: undefined)
  • margin {Number} a margin (default: 0)
  • topoffset {Boolean} applies element.offset().top as a margin (default: false)
  • topposition {Boolean} applies element.position().top as a margin (default: false)
  • NEW wait {Boolean} waits for the data (default: false)

Use-case 1:

<ui-component name="empty" path="datasource" class="hidden">
    Items not found
<ui-bind path="datasource" config="show:value && value.length" class="hidden"></ui-bind>

Use-case 2:

<ui-component name="empty" path="datasource" class="hidden">
    <script type="text/html">
        Items not found
        YOUR CONTENT. This DIV will be hidden automatically if the "datasource" is empty.