Web component: j-Exec

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The component has a similar functionality like j-Click but it can handle multiple clicks / elements. RECOMMENDATION: add this component into the <body> element.


  • selector is a selector for capturing click (default: .exec)


  1. Elements can contain data-exec attribut with a method name which will be execute when the user click on the element.
  2. Elements can contain these attributes data-path="some.path and data-value="'STRING'" or data-value="340" (number) or data-value="{}" (object). Clicking on the element sets data-value to data-path.
  3. Elements can contain data-href attribute and the component performs REDIRECT().


  • data-exec="METHOD_NAME" executes a method when user clicks (supports scope via ? char)
  • data-prevent="true" prevents continuing click event
  • data-href="URL" performs REDIRECT()
  • data-path="path.to.property" a path for setting of value (supports scope via ? char)
  • data-value="" sets a value according to the data-path="" attribute
  • data-def="path.*" performs default values (supports scope via ? char)
  • data-reset="path.*" performs a state reseting (supports scope via ? char)


  • toggles boolean data-value="!value"
  • scopes: data-path="?.name" replaces ? char with a scope path


Browser‘s Save action performs Preview