Web Component: j-FileUploader

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A simple component for uploading files. It supports auto-resizing images.


  • url {String} a default URL address for uploading


  • fileuploader/upload(opt) shows a file dialog
    • opt.url {String} important URL where will be image uploaded
    • opt.callback(response, errors) {Function} a callback important
    • opt.multiple {Boolean} supports multiple files (default: false)
    • opt.progress(percentage) {Function}
    • opt.accept {String} accept type (default: */*)
    • opt.prefix {String} a name prefix <input name="file{0}" (default: file{0})
    • opt.files {FileList} optional (if you use e.g Drag & Drop)
    • opt.data {Object} optional, additional custom data key_string:value_string
    • NEW opt.width {Number} optional, image width
    • NEW opt.width {Number} optional, image height
    • NEW opt.background {String} optional, background color defined in HEX or can be transparent
    • NEW opt.keeporiginal {Boolean} optional, prevents for double resizing (default: false)

Friendly components: This component works with loading when the file is uploading.