Web UI component: j-FloatingInput

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  • singleton
  • supports dark mode


Method: component.show(options)

  • options.element {Element/jQuery Element}
  • options.offsetX {Number} optional, x offset (default: 0)
  • options.offsetY {Number} optional, y offset (default: 0)
  • options.offsetWidth {Number} optional, width offset (default: 0)
  • options.placeholder {String} optional, a placeholder for search field
  • options.minwidth {Number} optional, a minimal width, default 200
  • options.maxwidth {Number} optional, a maximal width, default infinite
  • options.maxlength {Number} optional, a maximal length of value, default 50
  • options.callback(value, element) {Function} is triggered when the user clicks on the item
  • options.icon {String} optional, Font-Awesome icon
  • options.close {Function} optional, can determine closing of panel
  • options.align {String} optional, left (default), right or center
  • options.position {String} optional, top (default), bottom
  • options.summary {String} additional help content
  • NEW: options.monospace {Boolean} enables monospace font
  • NEW: options.select {Boolean} selects text

Method: component.hide()


  • placeholder - a placeholder for the input