Web Component: j-Grid

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  • please try to understand the functionality
  • needed bootstrap grid system

Data-source needs to contain:

    items: [{ name: 'Row 1' }, { name: 'Row 2' }, ...] // items
    page: 1,    // current pages
    pages: 30,  // count of pages
    limit: 5,   // items limit per page
    count: 150  // count of items in DB


  • filter {Boolean} shows a filter (optional, default: true)
  • filterlabel {String} a default placeholder for all filters (optional)
  • external {Boolean} is an external data-source (dynamic data loading) (optinal, default: false)
  • pluralizepages {String} pluralization for pages (optional, default: # pages,# page,# pages,# pages)
  • pluralizeitems {String} pluralization for items (optional, default: # items,# item,# items,# items)
  • exec {String} a link to function(type, filter, sort, page), it's evaluated if the grid performs some operations
  • padding {Number} height padding (optional, default: 0)
  • autosize {Boolean} enables full-height auto-size (optional, default true)
  • boolean {String} a values for filtering of boolean values (optional, default: true|on|yes)
  • pagination {Boolean} shows pagination panel (optional, default: false)
  • init {Function} an init function for e.g. custom columns
  • checked {Function} if rows will contain <input type="checkbox then this function will be evaluated when the checkbox is checked

Column properties:

  • name {String} a name of field in the object
  • text {String} a column label
  • title {String} a column tooltip (optional)
  • size {Number} a column width: 1 small, 2 medium, 3 large, 4 very large (optional, default 1)
  • size {String} a column width in pixels, value needs to contains px e.g. 20px
  • filter {String/Boolean} a placeholder for the filter or boolean can disable filter for this column (optional)
  • format {String/Number} for formatting values (string for date, number for numbers)
  • background {String} a background color (optional)
  • align {String} can be center or right (optional, default: left)
  • template {String} can be a Tangular template and the model is the whole object of row
  • render {String/Function(value, column, row)} a custom rendering, string is evaluated as an arrow function
  • header {String/Function(column)} a custom rendering of header, string is evaluated as an arrow function
  • sort {Boolean} enables sorting (optional, default: true)
  • class {String} additional classes for the column, e.g. hidden-xs
  • search {Boolean/String} true will filter a value according to the template result or String can be a Tangular template which will be used as a value for search


  • numbers: (1) number searches an exact number, (2) number / number is an interval between numbers
  • strings: (1) string searches an exact string, (2) string1, string2, string3 is a multiple search criterium
  • dates: (1) year 2017 searches all dates in this year, (2) 2017-02-12 / 2017-03-13 is an interval between dates, (3) 20.12 / 31.12 an interval between dates in the current year