Web Component: j-Intro

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  • if {String} condition for showing of the intro, it's compared with the value within of path
  • next {String} optional, text for the next step button (default: Next)
  • close {String} optional, text for the close step button (default: Done)
  • page {String} optional, a link to method function(page) {} it's executed when page is changed
  • exec {String} optional, a link to method function() {} it's executed when the intro is closed
  • check {String} optional, a link to method function(done) {} it's executed when is clicked on button last button
  • remove {Boolean} optional, when true then the component will be removed after close (default: false)
  • closebutton {Boolean} shows close button at the right top corner (default: false)
  • width {Number} a maximum width (default: 400)
  • height {Number} height (default: 300)
  • NEW: delay {Number} a delay for next button between clicks
  • NEW: nexticon {String} a done icon (default: ti ti-chevron-right)
  • NEW: doneicon {String} a done icon (default: ti ti-check-circle)

Good to know:

  • each button with name="next" will be used as next button
  • each button with name="close" will be used as close button
  • a link with next class provides will be used as a next button
  • a link with close class provides will be used as a close button