Web Component: j-KeySelection

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This component allows user to select some items by up/down keys and confirm selection by the enter key.

  • supports auto-scroll


  • selectoritem {String} a selector for browsing items (default: .item)
  • selector {String} a default selector for capturing keys (default: input)
  • class {String} a selection class (default: selected)
  • autoselect {Boolean} it should select first item (default: true)
  • autoscroll {Boolean} enables/disables auto-scroll (default: true)
  • exec {String} a link to the function(jqueryel), evaluated by the enter key (optional, otherwise will be trigger click event)
  • delay {Number} a delay for auto-selecting first value
  • datasource {String} a link to the data-source that can help you with a dynamic list