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j-Leaflet (BETA)

This component uses Leaflet library with the OpenStreetMap map engine. The component uses 3rd party dependencies.

  • jComponent v19|v20


  • height {Number/String} fixed height or a parent element (default: 200)
  • margin {Number} a margin for parent element (default: 0)
  • marker {Boolean} enables marker (default: true)
  • draggable {Boolean} enables draggable marker (default: false)
  • zoom {Number} a default zoom level (default: 10)
  • maxzoom {Number} a maximum zoom level (default: 19)
  • icon {String} a URL to the default marker icon
  • iconanchor {String} optional, icon anchor in the for x,y (default: undefined)
  • iconsize {String} optional, icon size in the for w,h (default: undefined)
  • move {String} move event - a link to the function or variable function(pos)
  • click {String} a marker click event - a link to the function or variable function(pos)
  • center {String} a default location (e.g. Bratislava, Slovakia) if the setter value is empty/nullable


  • component.search(location, callback) searchs locality in the OpenStreetMap API (response is array)
  • component.parse(pos) returns parsed GPS to array [lat, lon, zoom]
  • component.center(pos) centers map to the specific position