Web Component: j-LineChart

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Please review an example and keep a data-source.


  • offsetX {Number} An offset X for value tooltip (default: 10)
  • offsetY {Number} An offset Y for value tooltip (default: 10)
  • templateX {String} Tangular template for X axis (default: {{ value }})
  • templateY {String} Tangular template for Y axis (default: {{ value | format(0) }})
  • selected {String} Tangular template for selected values (default: {{ value | format(0) }})
  • height {Number/String} height (default: 0 = auto-height) or string is meant as a parent element
  • width {Number/String} width (default: 0 = auto-width) or string is meant as a parent element
  • limit {Number} a maximum limit of value for Y axis (default: 0)
  • fill {Boolean} enables filling (default: false)
  • fillopacity {Number} filling opacity (default: 0.1)
  • point {Number} size of point (default: 5)
  • pl {Number} lines left padding (default: 10)
  • pr {Number} lines right padding (default: 10)
  • pt {Number} lines top padding (default: 10)
  • pb {Number} lines bottom padding (default: 25)
  • type {String} lines type, can be normal, curves or step (default: normal)
  • prselected {Number} right padding for selected value (default: 0)
  • avg {Number} average value (chart renders a new black line)
  • xmod {Number} performs modulo for points on x-axis (default: 0)
  • yaxis {nubmer} a count of y-axis points (default: 4)
  • exec {String} a path to function and it's executed after some point is hovered
  • marginW {Number} a margin for width
  • marginH {Number} a margin for height