Web Component: j-Map

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  • easy usage
  • path="target.property" can contain GPS 48.727903,19.157763 or text Viestova 28, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
  • two way binding works with GPS (so the component returns GPS coordinates into the model when the text is used instead of GPS)
  • important: the component element (or its CSS) must have defined width and height style attributes


  • key IMPORTANT Google API key
  • type (optional) has to contain a map type (roadmap (default), satellite, hybrid, terrain)
  • draggable (optional) for drag & drop marker (default: false)
  • click (optional) has to contain a function name and this method is evaluated when the user click on the marker
  • zoom (optional), default 13
  • icon (optional) has to contain a URL to a new icon marker
  • animation (optional) has to contain a animation type (bounce and drop)


  • component.search(lat, lng) arguments must be numbers
  • component.search(text) arguments must be a string
  • component.reset() call resize event (useful for modals)
  • component.reset(lat, lng) arguments must be numbers