Web component: j-Menu

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  • easy usage for different cases
  • supports 3 orientations left, center and right
  • singleton
  • works with Bootstrap Grid System
  • works with touches


Method: component.show(orientation, targetElement, [items], clickCallback, [offsetX], [offsetY])

  • orientation {String} can be left, center or right
  • targetElement {Selector/jQuery/Element} a target where the component will be visible
  • items {Array} optional and must have this structure: [{ name: String, value: String, icon: String }] otherwise will be items read from the target's data-options attribute.
  • callback(selectedValue) {Function} is triggered when the user clicks on the item
  • offsetX {Number} optional can change offset X
  • offsetY {Number} optional can change offset Y

Method: component.hide()


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