Web Component: j-MinHeight

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This component sets a minimal height for the parent (defined) element. The component is usefull for intranet applications.


  • parent {String} a parent container which sets a minimal height (default: parent)
  • margin {Number} a margin (default: 0)
  • topoffset {Boolean} applies element.offset().top as a margin (default: false)
  • topposition {Boolean} applies element.position().top as a margin (default: false)
  • attr {String} CSS attribute for setting of height (default: min-height)
  • minheight {Number} a min. height (default: not defined)
  • disabledxs {Boolean} disables height for xs display
  • disabledsm {Boolean} disables height for sm display
  • disabledmd {Boolean} disables height for md display
  • disabledlg {Boolean} disables height for lg display