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This component can modify behaviour of element according to the preddefined schema. The component can be hooked on a body element (because it's singleton) and it's optimized for the performance.

Supported attributes:

  • data-m="SOME.PATH" - the component will watch this path
  • data-m-schema="schema_name" - modificator uses this registered schema
  • data-m-selector=".ui-textbox-label" (optional) a target element will be an element according to the selector (default: null)
  • NEW UPDATE: data-m="SOME.PATH + schema_name" this attribute can contain path and schema_name together

Supported classes:

  • modify enables click event for this element e.type will contain click type

Registering schema:

  • you can define multiple schemas
instance.register('schema_name', function(value, element, e) {

    // value: according to the "data-m"
    // element: jQuery element (target)
    // e: contains additional data { type: 'init/click/bind' } and can be used as a repository

    // here you can modify the element

For more info look into the example.


j-Modificator supports jComponent scopes but each path in the scope needs to contain ? question mark e.g. data-m="?.name" which is replaced with a scope path. Important: jComponent scope needs to contain some jComponents.

<div data-scope="user">
    <div data---="textbox__?.name">Your name</div>
    <div data-m="?.name"></div>