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The component is a better alternative to the j-Section component. As a result, you can easily make a multi-page app with dynamic content loading when needed. The result looks very intuitive for mobile devices or desktop computers.

Main configuration:

  • margin {Number/String} a top margin (default: 0)
    • auto will applied offset.top value
  • margintype {String} can contain offset (default) or position value
  • delay {Number} animation delay (default: 220)
  • parent {String} optional, a selector to an element with a fixed height (default: parent element)
  • scrollbarshadow {Boolean} enables shadow for the scrollbar (default: false)
  • loading {String} optional, a link to the function(show_loading {Boolean})

Section attribute configuration data-config:

  • if {String} a condition for displaying of page
  • url {String} URL address for getting HTML content
  • path {String} the value will replace ~PATH~ pharses (default: config.if)
  • id {String} the value will replace ~ID~ pharses
  • anim {String} animation type, supported values left (default), right, top or bottom
  • scrollbar {Boolean} appends a custom scrollbar into the content (default: true)
  • scrolltop {Boolean} enables auto-scroll
  • reload {String} a link to the function(el), it's executed when the page is displayed
  • hide {String} a link to the function(el), it's executed when the page is hidden
  • check {String} a link to the function(next, el)
    • next {Function} continues with page displaying