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j-Paper (BETA)


  • readonly {Number} enables/disables readonly mode 0=disabled, 1=partially enabled, 2=fully enabled
  • parent {String} optional, a parent element for min-height (default: null)
  • margin {Number} additional margin for min-height (default: 0)
  • autosave {Boolean} changes are serialized according to the path automatically
  • widgets {String} a link to the widgets (default: Componentator CDN)
    • it can contain multiple addresses divided by the comma mywidget1.html,/mywidget2.html,etc..
    • or you can keep CDN structure
  • icon {String} a link to the function(opt, callback)
    • opt.element {jQuery element}
    • IMPORTANT: call the callback argument if the icon has been changed in the element
  • link {String} a link to the function(opt)
    • opt.element {jQuery element}
    • opt.href {String}
    • opt.target {String}
    • opt.widget {Object} a widget instance
  • command {String} a link to the function(cmd)
    • cmd.widget {Object} a temporary widget instance
    • cmd.widgets {Array} a list of registered widgets
    • cmd.remove() {Function} removes widget
    • cmd.append(name) replaces the current temporary widget with a new widget (name name of widget)
  • format {String} a link to the function(toolbar)
    • toolbar can be null
    • toolbar.element {jQuery element} a current element
    • toolbar.node {HTML element} a current element
    • toolbar.widget {Object} a widget instance
    • toolbar.style {Object} contains a current style e.g. bold: 1, link: 1
  • upload {String} a link to the function(opt, callback)
    • opt.accept {String} optional
    • opt.files {FileList} optional
    • opt.multiple {Boolean} optional, default: false
    • opt.width {Number} optional
    • opt.height {Number} optional
    • IMPORTANT: callback argument must be executed after upload with the files {Array} argument
  • change {String} a link to the function(change)
    • change.id {String} identifier
    • change.block {String} a block identifier
    • change.blockprev {String} a previous block identifier
    • change.widget {String} a widget id
    • change.type {String} operation type (insert, update, remove)
  • contextmenu {String} a link to the function(widget) when the user pressed the right mouse button on the widget
  • check {String} a link to the function(widget) that decides whether to enable editing or not
  • placeholder {String} a placeholder for the default HTML widget (default: Press / for adding rich content)


  • component.save(function(data, ischange) { for saving content
  • component.import(url or url_array, [callback]) for importing additional widgets
  • component.notify(event, [a], [b], [c], [d]) emits event in every widget

Good to know:

The component creates a global variable called window.papercache {Object} used by all j-Paper instances.

  • the component compares the content when you change data, so you can change data in real-time
  • the component assigns (in the form) paper-yourwidgetname class to every widget element
  • reserved HTML classes readonly, widget, selected
    • readonly usage: .readonly .paper-yourwidgetname { ... }
  • htmlelement.$widget {Object} contains a widget instance
    • widget.remove() method will remove the widget

Shortcuts in text edit:

  • CMD + m highlights text
  • CMD + l creates a link
  • CMD + p adds an icon
  • CMD + b bold
  • CMD + i italic
  • CMD + u underline

Good to know:

  • [data-prevent] attribute can prevent click event in the widget