Web component: j-PasswordMeter

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  • numbers {Boolean} password must contain min. 1 numbers (default: true)
  • chars {Boolean} password must contain min. 1 chars (default: true)
  • special {Boolean} password must contain min. 1 special char (default: false)
  • min {Number} password must have min. length of characters (default: 4)
  • casesensitive {Boolean} password must contain min. 1 lower and upper char (default: true)
  • weak {String} a label for weak password (default: Weak)
  • good {String} a label for good password (default: Good)
  • strong {String} a label for strong password (default: Strong)
  • short {String} a label for short password (default: Short password)
  • text {String} a label for label (default: Password strength)
  • valid {Number} min. valid criteria in percentage (default: 40)

Good to know: This component evaluates password according to the rating. Rating is counted as a percentage: 100% = Strong, 50% = Good, 0% = Weak.

  • weak rating is lower than 30
  • good rating is between 30 and 70
  • strong rating is greater than 70


Browser‘s Save action performs Preview