Web Component: j-Period

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The component for picking a time period.

  • singleton


Method: component.show(options)

  • options.element {Element/jQuery Element} - all allignment calculations will be relative to this element
  • options.align Align the component relatively to the element in options.element property. Available properties: 'center', 'left' and 'right'. The default value - 'right'
  • options.callback Function, which will be executed by clicking on 'Apply' button of the component - receives two parameters: start and end date objects
  • options.start, options.end {Date} - In order to predifine selected period, both of these properties should be specified.


  • firstday - {String} - Allows to set the first day of the week to Monday. The defaul value is 'monday' - Days of the week start from Monday. 'sunday' - days of the week start from Sunday.
  • dateformat - {String} - Specifies the date format. The default value - DEF.dateformat
  • apply - {String} - Label for "Apply" button
  • cancel - {String} - Label for "Cancel" button
  • custom - {String} - Label for "Custom" filter button
  • month - {String} - Label for "Current month" filter button
  • thisY - {String} - Label for "This year" filter button
  • lastY - {String} - Label for "Last year" filter button