Web Component: j-Permissions

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  • NEW now supports darkmode
  • NEW can be disabled
  • NEW default type


  • placeholder {String} a placeholder for j-Directory component (default: Search)
  • types {String} types of permission (array delimited by comma, default: R,W,RW)
  • dirsource {String} a link to method, it is evaluated after user clicks on the header
  • pk {String} a pk means primary key, it's used as a prevention for duplicated values (default: name)
  • NEW disabled {Boolean} optional, disables this component
  • NEW default {String} default value of type (default: R)
  • NEW dirraw {Boolean} optional, disables HTML encoding for text in j-Directory (default: false)


        name: 'Peter',
        text: 'Peter <b>admin</b>', // HTML text for rendering (optional)
        type: 'R' // must be one of the value from types