Web Component: j-PictureUploadExpert

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  • advanced usage
  • drag and drop support
  • supports multiple
  • supports EXIF orientation
  • multiple images are send one by one
  • supports j-Loading


  • url {String} (IMPORTANT) upload URL (required)
  • width {Number} a picture width (required)
  • height {Number} a picture height (required)
  • background {String} (optional) a background color (default: white)
  • schema {String} prepared object for sending (default: {file:base64,filename:filename}, base64 + filename is a value from preview)
  • quality {Number} JPEG quality (default: 90)
  • customize {Boolean} resizes picture to the entire defined size (default: true)
  • disabled {Boolean} disables image upload (default: false)
  • clickselector{String} a class for custom click selector (default: none)
  • dropselector {String} a class for custom drop selector (default: none)
  • class {String} toggles class on dropselector if the drag over is emitted (default: over)
  • error {String} a path to method method(err) when an error is thrown