Web Component: j-RawEditable

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j-RawEditable is a simple component with a big hidden functionality. It's targeted for additional customization.


  • type {String} optional, can be email, phone, zip, date, time, url, number, search, lower, upper or empty (default)
  • formatting {Boolean} enables formatting bold, italic, etc., default: false
  • required {Boolean} optional, enables "required" (default: false)
  • placeholder {String} optional, adds a placeholder text into the input
  • maxlength {Number} optional, sets a maximum length of chars (default: 200)
  • minlength {Number} optional, sets a minimum length of chars
  • minvalue {Number} optional, a minimal value for number type
  • maxvalue {Number} optional, a maximal value for number type
  • validate {String} optional, a condition for validating of value, can contain a link to function(value) or !!value.match(/[a-z]+/)
  • format {String} optional, output formatting e.g. for date type: yyyy-MM-dd, for time type: HH:mm, for number you can define max. decimals
  • disabled {Boolean} optional, disables this component
  • autocomplete {String} optional, needs to contain a link to a function, is triggered on focus event
  • spaces {Boolean} optional, enables spaces otherwise it removes them (default: true)
  • autosource {String} a path to search function in autocomplete, function(search, render(arr))
  • autovalue {String} a property path for the value in autosource, default: name
  • autoexec {String} a path method function(item, next(value_to_input))
  • forcevalidation {Boolean} enables for force validation for phone and email (default: true)
  • monospace {Boolean} enables monospaced font (default: false)
  • enter {String} a link to function(val, com) - evaluated when the user presses enter