Web UI component: j-Scrollbar

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Custom scrollbars. IMPORTANT: It wraps current content by adding two nested div elements with relative position. It works with jComponent v17 only.


  • parent {String} selector for a parent element, can contain window (default: undefined)
  • visibleX {Boolean} always shows horizontal scrollbar (default: false)
  • visibleY {Boolean} always shows vertical scrollbar (default: false)
  • offset {Boolean} adds offset.top of this element (default: false)
  • reset {Boolean} resets position if the path is changed (default: true)
  • margin {Number} a margin for all types of displays (default: 0)
  • marginxs {Number} a margin for XS displays (default: 0)
  • marginsm {Number} a margin for SM displays (default: 0)
  • marginmd {Number} a margin for MD displays (default: 0)
  • marginlg {Number} a margin for LG displays (default: 0)
  • track {String} can track only defined paths e.g. FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3, paths will linked with component.path


  • component.reset() resets the position to 0,0
  • component.scrollleft(val) scrolls X
  • component.scrolltop(val) scrolls Y
  • component.scrollright(val) scrolls X from right side
  • component.scrollbottom(val) scrolls Y from bottom side
  • component.scroll(x, y) scrolls X,Y
  • component.resize() resizes container (it reacts on resize events automatically)