Web UI component: j-Section

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  • keeps a fixed percentage height
  • great usage for intranet applications
  • supports releasing


  • height {Number} a percentage of height
  • parent {String} optional, a container with fixed height, can be window. Default value: parent element.
  • minheight {Number} a minimal height in pixels (default: 0 - disabled)
  • scroll {Boolean} enables vertical scrolling (default: false - disabled)
  • scrollbar {Boolean} shows scrollbar (default: false)
  • delay {Number} msec. resizes the box again if the value is changed according to the path (default: 100)
  • visibleY {Boolean} still shows Y scrollbar (default: false)
  • visibleX {Boolean} still shows X scrollbar (default: false)
  • scrolltop {Boolean} scrolls to top automatically if the path is changed (default: false)
  • margin {Number} optional, a top/bottom margin together (supports auto which is counted from offset.top, default: 0)
  • marginxs {Number} optional, a top/bottom margin together for xs screen width
  • marginsm optional, a top/bottom margin together for sm screen width
  • marginmd optional, a top/bottom margin together for md screen width
  • marginlg optional, a top/bottom margin together for lg screen width
  • invisible {Boolean} if true then section sets invisible class when is rendering (default: true)
  • autofocus {Boolean/String} can focus an input. String === jQuery selector for the input
  • back {String} a title for back button (default: Back)
  • delayanim {Number} animation delay (default: 100)


  • component.scrolltop(val) scrolls Y
  • component.scrollbottom(val) scrolls Y from bottom side
  • component.resize() resizes container (it reacts on resize events automatically)
  • component.resizescrollbar() resizes custom scrollbar (targeted for special cases)


<div data---="section__path">

    <!-- path must have same value as "data-if" attribute -->
    <section data-if="1" data-label="Label for header">


    <!-- path must have same value as "data-if" attribute -->
    <!-- "data-parent" enables Back button in the header and after click the component sets value from "data-parent" attribute -->
    <section data-if="2" data-parent="1" data-label="Label for header">


    <!-- GOOD TO KNOW: Dynamic compilation -->
    <section data-if="3" data-parent="2" data-label="Label for header">

        <!-- SCRIPT or TEMPLATE -–>
        <script type="text/html">
            Will be compiled and rendered when the section will be displayed


    <!-- Template from URL address -->
    <section data-if="4" data-parent="2" data-label="Label for header" data-url="LINK_TO_HTML_TEMPLATE"></section>


Good to know:

If you want to add an additional content into the header to right side, just append inside of component e.g. <div>BUTTON</div>.