Web Component: j-SelectBox

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  • supports dark mode


  • required {Boolean} (optional) enables required (default: false)
  • items {String} (optional) static items key1|value1, key2 with value, key3|value
  • type {String} (optional) can be number (converts String values to Number)
  • datasource {String} path to data-source (must be array)
  • text {String} determines a property name for text (in data-source), default: name
  • value {String} determines a property name for value (in data-source) default: id
  • empty {String} (optional) adds an empty field
  • disabled {Boolean} (optional) disables this component
  • search {String} (optional) enables search box with this value as a placeholder
  • height {Number} (optional) height (default: 200)
  • if {String} (optional) arrow function as a condition for filtering of datasource, example: if:n => !n.removed