Web Component: j-Selection

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  • The component supports something like checkbox list.


  • remember {Boolean} remembers selection when the datasource is changed (default: true)
  • datasource {String} a path to the datasource (default: empty)
  • key {String} an identifier key name for the datasource (default: id)
  • attr {String} a data-[attr] for storing of identifier (default: id)
  • selector {String} a jQuery selector for elements (default: .selection)
  • class {String} selected class (default: selected)
  • dblclickselectall {Boolean} enables reverse selection after double-click (default: true)
  • cancel {String} a path to the variable (if the variable is changed then the selection is resetted, default: empty)
  • NEW: click {String} a selector for capturing of click (default: .selection)


  • component.selectall() selects all items
  • component.selectnone() selects none
  • component.selecttoggle() reverses selection