Web UI component: j-Spotlight

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  • singleton
  • works with Bootstrap Grid System


  • height {Number} a default height of each item (default: 40, must be defined in CSS too)
  • placeholder {String} a default placeholder (default: Search)


Method: component.show(opt)

  • opt.id {String} optional, an identifier for recent items (default: empty)
  • optiont.recent {String} enables recent items, must contain an expiration format (default: 3 days, empty=disabled)
  • opt.callback(selected_item) {Function} is triggered when the user clicks on the item
  • opt.cancel {Function} is triggered then the user cancels component
  • opt.search {String} URL address for saerching of values in the form GET /api/search/?={0}
  • or opt.search {Function} a link to function(search, next(ARR_ITEMS)) for searching
  • opt.cache {String} enables cache, can contain an expiration format e.g. 1 day or session
  • opt.remap {Function} it can remap results items => items.map(...)
  • opt.clear {Boolean} it clears previous results (default: false)
  • opt.init {Boolean} makes empty search when the component is called (default: false)
  • opt.delay {Number} a delay in ms for performing of searching (default: 100)
  • opt.height {Number} a height of item (default: config.height)
  • opt.class {String} adds a custom class to the container
  • NEW opt.placeholder {String} search placeholder (default: config.placeholder)

Good to know:

  • .items = [{ html }] -> html field ( in items) will be rendered as a plain HTML