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  • jComponent v19|v20
  • try to understand the functionality
  • j-Table is a very very very simple alternative to j-DataGrid targeted for UI
  • data-source expects Array or Object with { page: 1, pages: 10, limit: 50, items: [], count: 1000 }


  • highlight {Boolean} enables highlighting of the row (default: true)
  • unhighlight {Boolean} enables undo-highlighting of the row (default: true)
  • multiple {Boolean} enables multiple row highlighting (default: false)
  • detail {Boolean/String} if string then the value must be a link to function(row_data, next_fn(new_data_for_detail_template_OR__new_html), tdelement)
  • exec {String} a path to function(row/rows) or path to variable
  • remember {Boolean} enables remembering of last selected rows (default: false)
  • pk {String} a primary key (default: id)
  • border {Boolean} enables border (default: true)
  • scrollbar {Boolean} enables custom scrollbar (default: false) + important: height must be specified
  • height {Number/String} height of grid or can contain selector window, parent or custom selector .ui-viewbox-body
  • paginate {String} a link to function(model) for performing pagination { page: 1, limit: 10, sort: [] }
  • redraw {String} a link to function, it's evaluated when the table is redrawing
  • filter {String} a link to function, it's evaluated before the table is rendering
  • dblclick {String} a link to function, it's evaluated when the user performs double-click
  • datasource {String} path to data-source (for other extra data in the template. Usage: {{ $.data.something }})
  • click {String} a path to function(button_name, row, button_element), is executed when the user will click on the button
  • flat {Boolean} removes padding in cells (default: false)
  • NEW noborder {Boolean} removes border around (default: false)

Good to know:

  • each tr element contains data-index attribute with row index
  • each td element of detail contains data-index attribute with row index

HTML definition:

<ui-component name="table" path="" config="">

        data-size="TD1,TD2,TD3"      : column width, optional (can contain pixels or percentage), "0" means "auto" width
        data-head="TD1,TD2,TD3"      : column names, optional
        data-align="TD1,TD2,TD3"     : column align, optional (0: left, 1: center, 2: right)
        data-type="TYPE"             : can be "detail" (Tangular template) or "empty" (empty is rendered when the Array is empty)
        data-display="MD,XS"         : can contain display types "LG" large, "MD" medium, "SM" small, "XS" extra small
        data-sort="name,,price"      : enables sorting, can contain the name of fields (a column with empty value will have disabled sorting)
    <script type="text/html" data-size="0,150px,50px" data-head="Name,Created,Opt" data-align="0,0,1" data-sort="1">
            <td>{{ name }}</td>
            <td>{{ dtcreated | format('[date]') }}</td>

    <script type="text/html" data-type="detail">
        DETAIL: {{ name }}
        HIDDEN COMMANDS: {{ $.index }} or {{ $.user }}

    <script type="text/html" data-type="empty">


Good to know:

  • data-head can contain Font Awesome icons, it must be wrapped like this data-head="Name,'cog'" or data-name="Name,'youtube fab'"
  • NULL('link.to.data') evaluates config.paginate