Web Component: j-TableGrid

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The component makes a simple table grid (composed of div elements) divided by a simple border that you can modify.


  • count {Number} a default count of items per row
  • countxs {Number} items per row for mobile display
  • countsm {Number} items per row for small display
  • countmd {Number} items per row for medium display
  • countlg {Number} items per row for a large display
  • parent {String} for obtaining size (default: window)
  • margin {Number} a vertical margin (default: 0)
  • scrollbar {Boolean} enables custom scrollbar (default: false)
  • fill {Boolean} fills the grid with empty rowsm need to define row and scrollbar
  • row {Number} a default row height for all displays (default: 0)
  • rowxs {Number} a default row height for mobile display (default: 0)
  • rowsm {Number} a default row height for small display (default: 0)
  • rowmd {Number} a default row height for medium display (default: 0)
  • rowlg {Number} a default row height for large display (default: 0)
  • scrolltop {Boolean} scrolls to the top after change data (default: true)


  • ui-tablegrid-bl means border-left
  • ui-tablegrid-bt means border-top
  • ui-tablegrid-first first item in the row
  • ui-tablegrid-last last item in the row
  • ui-tablegrid-empty empty item