Web Component: j-Templates

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  • multiple templates
  • drag & drop
  • custom scrollbars
  • context menu


  • template {String} a path to the watching a template name
  • scrollbar {Boolean} uses a custom scrollbar (default: true)
  • scrolltop {Boolean} scrolls to top if the source is changed (default: true)
  • visibleY {Boolean} shows scrollbar Y (default: true)
  • margin {Number} a vertical margin (default: 0)
  • parent {String} jQuery selector to parent container due to scrollbar (default: auto)
  • contextmenu {String} a path to the method function(e) if the user triggers context-menu
  • emptyif {String} a condition for showing of empty content (default: !value || !value.length)
  • drop {String} a path to the method function(e, target, selel)
    • the method is evaluated if the user drops some files, then selel is undefined
    • or the user drags & drops element with the draggable attribute (selel argument) into the target argument (target must contain droppable class)

Templates must be defined in <script type="text/html" data-name="NAME_OF_TEMPLATE">Tangular template</script> element. This component supports one special template called empty that will be visible if the emptyif option will be valid.