Web component: j-Textarea

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  • supports dark mode


Example: data-jc-config="required:true;icon:pencile"

  • required {Boolean} (optional) enables "required" (default: false)
  • icon {String} (optional) icon for label without fa- e.g. home, cog, etc.
  • label {String} (optional) label (default innerHTML)
  • autofocus {Boolean} (optional) focuses the input (default: false)
  • placeholder {String} (optional) adds a placeholder text into the input
  • maxlength {Number} (optional) sets a maximum length of chars
  • disabled {Boolean} (optional) disables this component
  • height {Number} (optional) a maximum height for the input
  • error {String} (optional) adds a error text under the input
  • monospace {Boolean} (optional) sets monospace font for the input (default: false)
  • readonly {Boolean} optional, default false


Browser‘s Save action performs Preview