Web Component: j-Textbox

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  • supports dark mode


  • type {String} (optional) can be email, phone, password, date, number, search, lower, upper or empty (default)
  • required {Boolean} (optional) enables "required" (default: false)
  • icon {String} (optional) icon for label e.g. home, cog, etc.
  • icon2 {String} (optional) icon in the right box e.g. home, cog, etc.
  • label {String} (optional) label (default is HTML content)
  • autofocus {Boolean} (optional) focuses the input (default: false)
  • align {String} (optional) left (default), right or center
  • autofill {Boolean} (optional) enables the browser's autofill feature (default: false)
  • placeholder {String} (optional) adds a placeholder text into the input
  • maxlength {Number} (optional) sets a maximum length of chars
  • minlength {Number} (optional) sets a minimum length of chars
  • validation {String} (optional) a condition for evaluation e.g. value.match(/[a-z]+/) !== null
  • format {String} (optional) output formatting e.g. for dates (default: yyyy-MM-dd)
  • increment {Boolean} (optional) enables controls for incrementing of numbers (default: false)
  • keypress {Boolean} (optional) can disable real-time binding values (default: true)
  • delay {Number} (optional) can increase/decrease delay for real-time binding (default: 300 ms)
  • disabled {Boolean} (optional) disables this component
  • error {String} (optional) adds a string text under the input
  • iconclick {String} (optional) needs to contain a link to a function
  • autocomplete {String} (optional) needs to contain a link to a function, is triggered on the focus event
  • spaces {Boolean} (optional) enables spaces otherwise it removes them (default: true)
  • readonly {Boolean} optional, default false
  • NEW innerlabel {Boolean} optional, enables inner label (default: true)


  • type:date uses the calendar component