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j-Tour (BETA)

  • Supports keyboard arrows
  • Supports tab key
  • Supports esc key

IMPORTANT: Put this component on the bottom of the body element


  • escape {Boolean} toggle possibility to hide Tour with esc key (default: true)
  • skiptext {String} a text of the skip button (default: Skip)
  • nexttext {String} a text of the next button (default: Next)
  • backtext {String} a text of the back button (default: Back)
  • endtext {String} a text of the end button (default: End)
  • datasource {String} path to data-source
  • bghide {Number} toggle possibility to hide Tour by clicking on the background (default: false)
  • hide {String} path to method function(type) (type - 0: by PATH (e.g. null) 1: end button 2: skip button 3: esc key 4: click on bg)
// datasource
var example = [
        target: '.test1',
        title: 'My title 1',
        text: 'Message 1'
        target: '.test2',
        title: 'My title 2',
        text: 'Message with offset',
        offsetY: 10

PATH is the actual tour page