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j-TreeView (BETA)

This component is only a beta preview. It's still under construction.


  • parent {String} a container with fixed height, can be window. Default value: parent element.
  • visibleY {Boolean} still shows Y scrollbar (default: true)
  • movable {Boolean} enables the moving of nodes (default: true)
  • cachexpand {Boolean} remembers the previous state (default: true)
  • arrows {Boolean} enables arrows for folders (default: true)
  • expanded {Boolean} expands all nodes (default: false)
  • autosort {Boolean} sorts nodes according to item.sort (if exists) or item.name (if exists), default: true
  • margin {Number} top/bottom margin together (default: 0)
  • marginxs {Number} top/bottom margin together for xs screen width
  • marginsm top/bottom margin together for sm screen width
  • marginmd top/bottom margin together for md screen width
  • marginlg top/bottom margin together for lg screen width
  • disabled {Boolean} disables the entire component
  • parentselectable {Boolean} parent will be selectable (default: true)

Data structure:

  • Object Array
  • Object has to contain id:String which is the main ID of each item
  • Object has to contain name:String and children:[another similar object] or children:null (with no children)
  • Object has to contain html:String is rendered as content (if it doesn't exist then name is rendered)
  • Object item can contain ..., classname: 'css_custom_class' }, it adds a CSS class onto the "label" element
  • Object item supports property actions: { expand: true, drop: true, move: true }