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Config is the same as typed.js. The only difference is that all keys are lowercase. This is to maintain consistency with other components. The only added configuration is id

  • NEW: selector {String} can contain a nested element for rendering text
  • NEW: text {String} in the form Text 1|Text 2|Text 3|Text N otherwise text is loaded according to the path
  • typespeed {Number} in milliseconds (default: 0)
  • startdelay {Number} in milliseconds (default: 0)
  • backspeed {Number} in milliseconds (default: 0)
  • smartbackspace {Boolean} this would only backspace the words after "This is a" (default: true)
  • shuffle {Boolean} shuffle the strings (default: true)
  • backdelay {String} time before backspacing (default: 700)
  • fadeout {Boolean} fade out instead of backspace (default: false)
  • fadeoutclass {String} css class for fade animation (default: typed-fade-out)
  • fadeoutdelay {Number} fade out delay in milliseconds (default: 500)
  • loop {Boolean} loop strings (default: false)
  • loopcount {String/Number} amount of loops (default: Infinity)
  • showcursor {Boolean} show cursor (default: true)
  • cursorchar {String} cursor character (default: |)
  • autoinsertcss {Boolean} insert CSS for cursor and fadeOut into HTML <head> (default: true)
  • contenttype {String} contentType html or null for plaintext (default: html)

Global events:

Again, same as typed.js. Added component parameter

  • ON('typed.onComplete', function(typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.preStringTyped', function(pos, typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onStringTyped', function(pos, typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onLastStringBackspaced', function(typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onTypingPaused', function(pos, typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onTypingResumed', function(pos, typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onReset', function(typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onStop', function(pos, typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onStart', function(pos, typed, component) {})
  • ON('typed.onDestroy', function(typed, component) {})