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This component renders the application designed via UI Builder. You can load the app via the path specified in the component or via the config.url option. The path can contain a URL address to the JSON app schema or the app object (parsed JSON).


  • app {String} a link to the method/variable where will be stored app instance
  • url {String} a link to the app schema (must be in the json format)
  • css {Boolean} applies app style to the current element (default: true)
  • id {String} overwrites app ID


  • component.load(data) the method loads app into the current element


  • component.app contains an app instance

How to handle data?

<ui-component name="uibuilder" ... config="app:myapphandler"></ui-component>


    function myapphandler(app) {

        // app.component {jComponent}
        // app.schema {Object} uibuilder compiled design
        // app.schema.inputs {Array Objects}
        // app.schema.outputs {Array Objects}

        // How to capture data?
        app.on('output', function(meta) {
            // meta.id {String} output identifier
            // meta.data {Object} raw data from the builder
            // meta.app {Object} app instance
            // meta.instance {Object} which instance sent data?
            // meta.instanceid {String} an instance identifier
            // meta.component {Object} which component sent data?
            // meta.componentid {String} a component identifier
            // meta.err {String} optional, error handler (nullable)
            // meta.output {String} an output name
            // meta.note {String} optional, a note
            // meta.ref {String} an internal reference

            AJAX('POST /yourapi/', meta.data, function(response) {
                // What next?


        // How to inject data?
        // Example
        app.on('ready', function() {
            // First, you must know input identifier
            app.input('cidlm5caacg_load', { email: '@' }, console.log);