Web Component: j-UIStudio

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This component renders the app according to the Total.js Flow UI Studio schema.


  • url {String} a link to the Flow UI Studio schema (must be in the json format)
  • css {Boolean} applies app style to the current element (default: true)
  • ssid {String} optional, adds a session identifier to the URL address for the Flow
  • title {Boolean} optional, rewrites document.title by the app name
  • plus {String} optional, it works only with title:true and it adds title - config.plus
  • onmeta {String} optional, a link to the function(meta) captures a meta data
  • onapp {String} optional, a link to the function(app) captures a new UI design
  • origin {String} optional
  • onrequest {String} optional, a link to the function(payload) can modify request data
  • flowoutput {Boolean} optional, enables outputs only from FlowOutput component (default: true)


  • component.app contains an app instance

Good to know:

The component extends the app instance by adding breadcrumb {Array} property.