Web Component: j-Watcher

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This component executes the code defined in the <script type="text/js"></script> tag.

<script type="text/js">

    // value {Object} a value bound according to the path
    // path {String} a path where the value was bonded
    // type {Number} binding type (0: init, 1: manually, 2: by input, 3: default value)
    // element {jQuery element} a current element
    // datasource {Object}
    // component {jComponent}



  • delay {Number} a delay for evaluating code (default: 0)
  • NEW: datasource {String} a link to the datasource (it will be stored in datasource property)


You need to use <script type="text/js"> or <script type="text/plain">. Don't use the script element without type or with type text|application/javascript because the script will be evaluated by the browser automatically.