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A simple solution for making of advanced wizards. Wizard downloads steps (as HTML parts) according to the schema. Steps are wrapped into custom scopes, so they are under validation.


  • output {String} a path for output, the object will contain entire output (steps will be properties)
  • exec {String} a path to method(output_object), it's executed if wizard doesn't contain any next step
  • next {String} a path, here will be assigned next step with enabled {Boolean} property
  • back {String} a path, here will be assigned previous step with enabled {Boolean} property
  • validate {Boolean} enables validation (default: true)


    'step1': { url: 'step1.html', next: 'step2', validate: false },
    'step2': { url: 'step2.html', next: 'step3' },
    'step3': { url: 'step3.html' }
  • component extends each step by adding new properties enabled {Boolean}, id {String}, prev {String}